FEATURE REQUEST: Email Tracking + Notifying when no permission granted

chatnchillchatnchill Member Posts: 3

Hi, if this is a database/POS, there should be a way for me to verify/track that an invoice was emailed to the customer from the system. I called into support and they told me that there is no way to do this. I would like to request this as a feature.

Additionally, in our store, we do not print sales receipts; we only email them. If the salesperson did not tick the "I have permission box" your support told me that the invoice email would not be sent. If that is the case, at the end of the sale, when we go to email the person, I SUGGEST THAT THERE IS A POP UP BOX THAT SAYS, YOU DO NOT HAVE PERSON TO EMAIL THIS PERSON, THEREFORE YOUR EMAIL WILL NOT BE SENT!

What is the process of feature requests and how do I know when a feature has be considered or added?

Thank you,



  • LJJohnsonLJJohnson Member Posts: 3

    Absolutely agree, a customer wants all invoices for the past few months sent and I wanted to double check that I sent them all and there is no way to check which ones I sent (many distractions here) I feel I missed one but don't want to resend all again. Very frustrating as this should be a feature that is available.

  • egriffin5301egriffin5301 Member Posts: 1

    Wanted to hop on to add how helpful this would be- please add this email history function! 👍

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