Another new bug (and workaround?) in LS Retail - Payment is Greater than Total error

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Good Morning Lightspeeders,

I have had at least two instances where LS Retail fails to complete the sale and gives an error message saying that the total payment is greater than the sale balance. The only way out of this is to void the sale. This is a problem if the customer walks away and we have banked on Lightspeed completing the sale without any stupid bug keeping that from happening. Evidently that is a very dubious assumption at this point.

So . . . I did two things. 1) I told our cashiers that they can't let a customer walk away until Lightspeed has given its complete blessing with regard to the sale. 2) I contacted Lightspeed about this problem.

I received this rambling disjointed response where the support person essentially said it is yet another bug in Lightspeed. What follows is this exchange and my response. I have redacted the name of the support person.

From: __ ______ (Lightspeed Retail Support) <[email protected]>

Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 10:25 AM

To: Alan Lloyd <>

Subject: Conversation with Alan Lloyd

Your request has been updated.

Your request (# 2720900) (Conversation with Alan Lloyd) has been updated.

__________ _________ (Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series))

Jun 29, 2022, 12:25 EDT

Good day, Alan!

Thank you for contacting LightSpeed Support.

Sorry, it took me a while to respond, I just got back from my rest day. 

I hope this email finds you well. This is in response to your inquiry about the error that you got when charging a customer "Cannot complete an out-of-balance sale. Non-cash payments are greater than the total." This error occurs depending on what happened during the sale but in your case, it seems that the payment looks higher than the sale total and could be happening due to a bug but there's a workaround at times we just need to go to the sale ID then continue the sale then go back to the payment and error will disappear or we can have our payments team to complete the sale "depending on the scenario" but in your case, since you canceled the sale the only way to have the customer charge is to re-do the sale. This is why we are recommending you reach out to us first before taking any actions. 

My (Alan Lloyd's) response:

Dear _______,

I want to know the EXACT steps to take when this happens.  You say to go into the sale ID, but my cashiers don't have access to that!  What should my cashier do when this happens? You say to go into the transaction ID and continue the sale? How should they go about doing that if they don't have access to reports? Further, you are incorrect when you state that this particular situation involved a transaction that was larger than the total . . . which isn't true as evidenced by the screenshot I sent you. At this point, all of my staff have been trained to delete the sale, void the transaction and start a new sale . . . .while the customer has to wait for us to do all of that! Terrible!

You want me to "reach out to you first before taking any actions"?  What does that mean? I should call Lightspeed while my customer stands there waiting to pay? That's insane. At this point, please let me know what is being done to fix this bug. Have you reported this to your development team?  

Right now, Lightspeed Retail customers are having to do about five different "work-arounds" for various bugs in Lightspeed! (Gift cards, slow pin pad terminals, inability to sort on inventory quantity or price, Log-in - Log out loop, etc. etc.) 

I post these problems on the Lightspeed community board for anyone to see, because Lightspeed never publicly acknowledges any of these bugs or publicly offers solutions.  I'll add this bug to the list.

Someone at Lightspeed needs to FIX ALL THESE PROBLEMS --LIKE YESTERDAY!

Alan Lloyd, Owner / Procurement / IT / Janitor


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    RESPONSE FROM LIGHTSPEED: Talk about a complete and utter disconnect! Here is the response from later in the day. Keep in mind that this is the response to my requesting EXACT steps necessary to work-around this bug without voiding the sale and starting again. NONE of my questions were answered.

    FORGET relying on Lightspeed customer support -- at least at the help-desk level. 100% useless, and like dealing with 5 year-olds. I give up!

    _________ _______  (Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series))

    Jun 29, 2022, 15:53 EDT

    Hi Alan, 

     Good day! Here's what you can do, you may check with Vantiv if they received any payment regarding the said charge then you can recreate the sale paid by cash and then change the payment type back to the credit card. 

     We value your time and your business with us. If you have any further issues/questions please do not hesitate to call Lightspeed Support. We are available 24 hours Monday through Sunday.

     Keep safe,

    _______ _______

    Support Specialist - Retail Support

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    ....the question I have is, did you try using FireFox instead? Did you clear your cache and cookies? *ducks*

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