Point "Sign up for our newsletter" to Different System

Has anyone edited the home page to point the "Sign up for our newsletter:" to a new system?

We have implemented a new Marketing Automation system and want anyone who signs up to the newsletter to have their details entered into that system rather than the LightSpeed eCom platform.

The "Sign up for our newsletter:" section is at the bottom of our home page at www.turramurracyclery.com.au


  • michaelsteelemichaelsteele Posts: 42Member
    Hey there! If your marketing automation platform has its own form builder, you can grab the embed code from there and replace the existing Lightspeed eCom form in your theme's footer.rain file.

    To do that, I would comment out the existing form html (rather than removing it) in case you need to bring it back. 

    Be ready to do some work on the CSS to get it looking right with your theme.
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