Syncing Multicurrency PO's to Quickbooks Online

dflorddflord Member Posts: 2

We're having an issue with the way Lightspeed syncs over PO's to Quickbooks Online ("QBO") with a multicurrency setup. When a PO is created in Lightspeed using a supplier configured as a USD supplier the PO in lightspeed has a column with both the CAD and the USD values. When it syncs over to QBO it syncs over to the correct supplier, also configured as a USD supplier in QBO, but it syncs over the converted CAD numerical value. As an example, we have a product priced at USD$100 in lightspeed and at a 1.3 exchange the CAD value is CAD$130. When this PO syncs over to QBO, it comes over as a USD PO but with a numerical price of $130. It's syncing over the converted CAD value into a USD denominated PO. We end up with a USD denominated PO with a value of USD$130 instead of what should be USD$100. When the PO gets flipped to a bill in QBO, and QBO applies the exchange rate, the $130 gets converted again at ~1.3 to CAD$169. Is there a setting that would resolve this? Or is this a gap in lightspeed's integration with QBO?

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