MORE Options in creating a report

TheLabTheLab Member Posts: 2

Being charged for a service such as analytic reporting I would imagine that it would have several more options when trying to create specific reports. Every business has different needs and ours is no exception. We are a retail store that does consignment. In order to pay out consignors for the items that are sold I need to create an item or "line" specific report. In that report I need the Item including any matrix attributes specific to that item. The vendor specific to that item. The quantity. The price the item sold for(gross), any discount given and a net amount. We have almost 2,000 pairs of shoes and I would really like to be able to create one Matrix and then create different attributes specific to different vendors when adding quantities. The problem with doing that right now is that when i do run a report i am only given the Default Cost and the Default Vendor for when the matrix was originally created. This isn't helpful because if i have 10 Jordan 1 Retro Bleached Corals(matrix)that all have the same size(attribute), everytime it sells i will have to guess who it belonged to because it will always pull in as the default vendor.

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