Adding 2 taxes to one item... HELP!- CALIFORNIA

I am a smokeshop/ vapeshop in sandiego california, a new tax was implemented last week on electronic cigarettes. So on top of the regular sales tax, specific items have a CECET TAX of 12.5 %, The CDTFA ( CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TAX & FEE ADMINISTRATION) wants each tax on a seperate line in each receipt. I am only able to add 1 tax per item. Does anyone know how to add a secondary tax to an item?,electronic%20cigarette%20retail%20sale.


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    I ran into a similar situation with Tennessee tiered sales tax for one of our retail locations. What I wound up doing was make that site tax-free by default. Then I added a custom button that would calculate the tiered tax for each line item. And finally those totals would be broken out as dummy SKU amounts. One line reading TN State Tax, another reading TN Article Tax, and another reading TN Local Tax. A clumsy workaround, which wouldn't be necessary if Lightspeed partnered with Avalara for automated tax calculations and reporting. Like they claimed was going to happen almost three years ago now...

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    Reach out to lightspeed support. They will be able to add a beta sales tax setup that allows two taxes.

    Set up new tax classes up for item and " item that needs two tax classes."

    Repeat if necessary.

    Then change item to the new tax class for the two taxes.

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