Multicurrency Integration with Quickbooks Online

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I've been instructed by Lightspeed Support to post here re: this issue.

We're having an issue with the way Lightspeed syncs over PO's to Quickbooks Online ("QBO") with a multicurrency setup. When a PO is created in Lightspeed using a supplier configured as a USD supplier the PO in lightspeed has a column with both the CAD and the USD values. When it syncs over to QBO it syncs over to the correct supplier, also configured as a USD supplier in QBO, but it syncs over the converted CAD numerical value. As an example, we have a product priced at USD$100 in lightspeed and at a 1.3 exchange the CAD value is CAD$130. When this PO syncs over to QBO, it comes over as a USD PO but with a numerical price of $130. It's syncing over the converted CAD value into a USD denominated PO. We end up with a USD denominated PO with a value of USD$130 instead of what should be USD$100. When the PO gets flipped to a bill in QBO, and QBO applies the exchange rate, the $130 gets converted again at ~1.3 to CAD$169. The basic logic needed in this case is:

IF currency = Foreign Currency, then synchronize over the Foreign Currency numerical value, otherwise synchronize over the home currency numerical value. 

The data is already there. The fix is feeding the correct numerical value via the API into QBO based on a simple IF test. Seems like it would be a simple fix to resolve a pretty major gap in the integration.

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