Major concern: Asset History Reporting

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Maybe I'm out to lunch, if someone notices something I'm doing wrong in this procedure feel free to jump in, but...

For insurance purposes we have to report our inventory assets from both locations for each month of the year. Seems pretty straight forward. So I go to Reports -> History -> enter April 1 2022 for example, "all locations" and click generate. Download the file, select the total cost column and excel autosums it for me. I get X total cost value.

Now I go to Lightspeed Analytics, find the historical asset report, open it, pop the same date in (April 1 2022), and use the report download function to get a CSV, carefully making sure I toggle the option for it to not limit the rows so that I get all the data. Open in excel, find the total cost column, autosum. Note: as with the previous report, I make it filter on all locations, and I know it it doing this correctly because there's a location column for this and I see both stores. BUT: when I autosum this second report in the same manner as the previous one, it gives me a completely different number than the inventory value of the previous report.

So now I'm confused. But I remember that previously, the support team had given me a link to an historical inventory report within LS Retail, and I have it bookmarked. I find the bookmark and open it ( I put the same date in, April 1 2022, toggle once again for ALL Locations and generate the report. As opposed to the previous two, this one doesn't do a file download but rather just indicated the total cost of historical inventory assets at the bottom. When I run this report, it gives me YET ANOTHER DIFFERENT NUMBER.

Let's call it report 1, 2 and 3. Report 1 gives me ~2.6M$ Report 2 gives me ~2.1M$ and report 3 gives me ~2.3M$.

So the burning question is which number is the accurate one? Again, all reports were generated inclusive of all inventory locations. How am I supposed to accurately report my assets for insurance purposes? Say the building burns down and I gave them the wrong number...

Again, if there's something I did wrong I'm fully willing to re-evalute the process I took, but otherwise this just seems to be another situation where I'm left feeling like Lightspeed is a joke.

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