Product Improvement Request: Special Order vs Current Stock Reporting

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So we just went live with lightspeed a couple of weeks ago. We are not currently fully utilizing purchase orders to make our orders, but instead are inputting our received invoices as a purchase order. This makes sense for our industry because there aren't a lot of standards between one supplier and another. And at this point we don't have all the nuances of lightspeed P.O.s figured out versus our supplier systems.

What that all boils down to is a need to be able to check my received products against existing special orders...or if that's not an easy fix, to run a report of special orders versus existing stock quantities.

There are multiple reasons why this could be important (for just our little business):

...We could sell an item, make a restock order, then get a special order for that item before it arrives, and it never show on the existing purchase order.

...We could need to make a purchase order on the spot based on an invoice (as we are doing now) and need to cross reference the received P.O. versus special orders.

...We could create a purchase order, get partial fulfillment, and complete fulfillment later.

...We could have a damaged or misplaced product at the time of the sale and not be able to fulfill a request except as special which case I might have a special order with existing quantities of stock and not know it.

But regardless of how we get the need, the ability to compare quantity of a product on hand to special order requests is a useful and necessary tool. The last thing I want to do in my business is have an item on the wall that could have fulfilled a special order request...and then to have the customer bring it to my counter saying "why didn't you hold this for me?"

Just for clarification the solutions for this right now that I can do directly myself are to: A) click line by line in the purchase order and then check item by item if there are any special orders for that product ---time intensive, B) pull up my special orders and go through them line by line the same way to see if I have stock ---also time intensive, or C) go on memory, printouts, or excel to do a simple cross reference job--subject to human error and "what the hell am I paying for again?", or D) the suggested work around from the chat staff was to use a 3rd party app to sort my inventory data--and "why should I need a 3rd party app to do a simple data sort of the data from a system we pay for?"

I see the potential for four avenues of solving this...ideally each have their uses and implementing all would help us on the retail side. I could make it work with just one of them.

#1 Add a report function that includes quantity on hand for special orders. We can then run a report and anything we have in stock we can investigate and solve.

#2 Add a feature on the special order tab for purchase orders that includes not just special orders that were built into the P.O., but also can show special orders existing for products on that purchase order.

#3 Add a feature on the Special Orders tab that shows a field with stock quantity on hand.

#4 Add a report function that works closely to the "Quick Edit Items" that includes an "are there special order checkbox", and that can allow us to build the reports we need. As a report function we obviously need it to not do data editing by accident. As a reporting tool this would have a multitude of other uses. Bonus points if it can also be selective of the data to sort as only being from a particular purchase order, or vendor.

Hopefully at this point I've explained the need, explained what the alternative to not fixing it entails, and then offered a few solutions. If there is any further input, product testing, or information I can provide I would gladly do so to make the system better for all of us.


Chad Underdonk

Hard Knox Games

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