Issues scanning barcode with Socket Mobile scanner and iPad

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Sorry in advance, this might be the wrong subforum for this issue. If there's a more fitting place for this discussion, please let me know and I'll try to move it.


A client of ours uses a Lightspeed K series POS on an iPad with a Socket Mobile model S740 barcode scanner in order to scan barcodes their customers bring to the entrance of their park.

We discovered recently that these barcodes do get scanned correctly by the Socket Mobile scanner, but the corresponding Lightspeed product is not registered in the Lightspeed K series POS. The barcodes are also known within Lightspeed K series so that is not the issue. It seems to be an issue with the bluetooth connection between the scanner and the POS. Is anyone familiar with issues like this? It does seem that when we 'spam-scan' the barcode let's say, 20 times in a row, eventually it does get registered in the Lightspeed K series POS correctly, but this is of course not a workable solution.

The second issue we face is that, as an alternative, we are now scanning the barcodes using the camera on the iPad on which Lightspeed K series is used. When scanning a barcode, the Lightspeed K series app gives an error that the barcode is incorrect, but then still proceeds to register the correct Lightspeed product from the barcode.

If someone could help us out with this, it would be appreciated.


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