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I am able to successfully refresh token to get a new access token.

My python code extracts the new access token to place it into a _headers variable. The same _headers variable is being used in both calls immediately following each other in the code. Access token has not expired between calls.

The headers variable works going to

endpointAcct = ""

ra = requests.get(endpointAcct, headers=_headers).json()

but not when going to

endpointCus = ""

r1 = requests.get(endpointCus, headers=_headers).json()

I manually updated the account number in the endpointCus variable to receive this


print(json.dumps(r1, indent=4))

{'httpCode': '401', 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized', 'message': 'Invalid access token.', 'errorClass': 'AuthException'}


  "httpCode": "401",

  "httpMessage": "Unauthorized",

  "message": "Invalid access token.",

  "errorClass": "AuthException"


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    And the problem would be the URL should be 'api.' instead of 'cloud.' for the 2nd call. Changed that, it is now working.

    Some days...

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