Non-Resellable Returns

TiffanyTiffany Member Posts: 5

Since this has been asked several times before, but nothing has been done about it, I wanted to put it at the top of the discussion list again.

Retailers NEED an easy way for staff members to mark an item that is being returned but cannot go back into inventory. When we are working with hundreds of customers a day, it is not feasible for staff members to be doing vendor returns all day long. Additionally, were they to do that, it would defeat the whole purpose of the vendor return, since we use this to keep track of credits we've requested for returned items from our vendors, and we submit those every few weeks.

All you need to do is add a checkbox in the return screen that tells the system to NOT return the item to inventory and an option in the vendor return form to not remove items from inventory again. Simple solution. Much needed. Much requested.

Retailers are tired of hearing about 10 step work-arounds that make our lives harder. We just want simple, user-friendly solutions to the problems that we all have.

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