Developers.... can you add this feature - Line Item To Show when you closed..

We often try to close our drawer a 1/2 hour to an hour before the actual business closes. In our old system, they set up closes as "periods" for reporting vs by strictly the date. The problem we are experiencing is that in reporting, there is not notification we can find to show when the drawer was closed. And for staff to figure out what transactions happened AFTER close on that day has led to some challenges in getting the drawer to balance unless they know to look at the prior day's sales.

So Developers....can't you add a colored Line to show when a drawer was closed...maybe also one when the new drawer was opened. This will make it much easier to ensure we know which transactions on a given day need to go into the new drawer....vs try to "guess".

Or...even better .....

Set up reporting by "periods".... so the time when you open a new drawer and close the drawer is considered a pay period....and only those transactions in that period would be included in reporting.

Realize "periods' might not be easy....but adding some visible notification to show the drawer was closed should be an easy fix. Lets get this done!

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