Online ordering endpoint not adding orders to correct customer

K10K10 Member Posts: 1

Using the OnlineOrdering endpoint and calling "Create a new order (not for establishments) for a customer" is adding orders to the latest customer created overwriting the name of the correct customer.

We recently got production access after successful testing in the staging but now in production at least one of the customers cannot make orders since the orders created with this user is being assigned to another user and also the user details is changed in the other user.

The API calls using the customer ID of other customers seem to be working fine as they are assigned to the correct customers. We even did a test by hardcoding the ID in the API call and at least one customerid gets the order assigned to the last created customer and the last created customer gets the customer details overwritten.

Any idea what could be causing this, how could it even be technically possible that the API is overwriting customer details of other customers just by creating the order? Obviously the system at some point knows what customer the order should be assigned to since the last created customer gets the order assigned and is overwritten with that customers details.

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