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I would LOVE to be able to export individual POs as a .txt or .csv file.  I work with a number of suppliers that allow for my POs to be imported into their ordering software and this would be markedly more efficient than entering line items. 

It is possible to IMPORT a PO from a .txt file but this is not very useful for those who extensively use Actions tabs and reorder points as the system generates the PO in those cases.  

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  • B_ArmanaziB_Armanazi Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 6 moderator

    Unfortunately, there isn't a feature at the moment to export POs but you can copy all the field in the PO and paste them in a spreadsheet.

    Basically, open the PO document in question and open your spreadsheet software with a blank spreadsheet. Click inside a line on the PO then pree Command + A (to select all) > Command + C (to copy) > click inside the spreadsheet and press Command + V (to paste)

    The lines and columns will populate in the spreadsheet cells accordingly. You will just be missing the column headers in the spreadsheet.

    Hope that helps


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