How to make a Note auto popup

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So we have notes and we have modifiers that can be set to auto popup, but can we have an auto popup note?


To set this up, login to the Restaurant Manager and go to Products > Modifiers. Click + Group as if you were going to add a modifier group, however, only fill out the Name field and check the Auto Popup box. Do not add any modifiers to the group. Then attach this to all the applicable products or categories.          

When you add a product to an order, it will auto popup with an option to write a note.


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    I have a question about modifiers. How can we easely book 4 items at once, but with different modifiers.

    For example 4 steaks : 2 medium, 1 well done, 1 blue ?

    As far as I know, you first have to book 4 steaks, for example medium, afterwards split the items, and then for each Item change the modifier ?

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    Hi Basiel,

    There is 2 ways you could do this:

    1. You could either order each steak one after the other, the system will make you choose the modifier for each steak individually. That will ensure that each item has its correct modifier because you are doing them one by one.
    2. You could order one steak, change it's quantity to 4 by long pressing on the item from the order screen, then set the modifier for each steak by long pressing on the steak item again, and then selecting Modifiers will let you set a modifier option for each steak.

    I invite you to test both workflows and find the one that suits your operations best.

    I hope that this was helpful. Here is an article on Modifiers if you wish to have more information;

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