Why do I have Quick Cash on my Reports?

Ruth_JRuth_J Posts: 5Member, Lightspeed Staff Lightspeed
Quick Cash occurs when a user finalizes a receipt without first selecting the payment type (Cash, credit card, etc). Lightspeed classifies these transactions as Quick Cash.

If you do not want Quick Cash on your reports, you must turn on the setting Only Finalize When 0 under Devices > Restaurant App Settings in the Restaurant Manager.

Just be aware, that when you have this setting enabled, the Total Due on the receipt must always be 0.00 before you can finalize the receipt. This means that if the receipt total is 15.00, and the customer gives you 20.00 the total due on the receipt will be -5.00. It's negative because you owe the customer 5.00 in change. So you have to tap the Cash button once more, it will pre-populate with -5.00 and hit OK. Once the Total Due is 0.00 you will be able to finalize the receipt.
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