API Language for UK Payment Provider

We use both Lightspeed Retail and ECom and are based in the UK. 

We have created a payment API for us to use WorldPay, however, we are having problems with the Language setting causing an issue with our API. 

To my understanding, we have to have English (US) active on Ecom so that it integrates with LightSpeed Retail. However, it seems we also have to have English(UK) enabled on Ecom for our API with WorldPay to work. 

However, this then causes us an issue when editing anything on Ecom as of course it always then shows two language boxes for everything. I know we can ignore it, but would rather it just not be there. So I would prefer to just have English (US) enabled. 

To that end, can you advise on how we set our API to work on English (US)? My developer says he needs "current cluster id & language code".... 
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