Orders shouldn't be allowed to change after creation

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Dear support,


Normally when a customer places an order, the order can’t be altered anymore. But when you create a quote through the backoffice and convert that to an order, you can keep changing the order. For us this seems like a bug, in our opinion you should be able to change the quote while it isn’t converted to an order yet, but an order should be immutable.


Because of this, several issues arise with several apps.


For example:

  • Our Exact app forwards an order to Exact when it sees the new order (sometimes depending on some settings). Once the order creation in Exact is completed, we are unable to alter the order, so any changes to the order made after sending it to Exact can’t be send to Exact, without creating an extra order (which then messes up statistics and causes issues when the original product isn’t in the final order anymore);
  • We’ve also got multiple connections to external stock/warehouse systems (i.e. Softwear). Here you’ve got the same issues as with Exact: we need to send the order as a whole, or it’ll be several orders (and therefore several shipment, several times the shippingcosts etc etc);
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