Overriding tax on Sale Create

raresrares Member Posts: 4
Is this possible?

It appears that tax1Rate and taxCategoryID are writable api fields. 

If I set both I get:

{"httpCode":"400","httpMessage":"Bad Request","message":"Sale not Created. \\"tax1Rate\\" cannot be set on Create.","errorClass":"Exception"}

The docs aren't clear on this. Is it possible to override the tax category on a sale specifying a rate and category value or should it be just the rate?


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  • Michael CareyMichael Carey Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 68 moderator

    It is possible to change the tax on the sale however you cannot set the taxRate directly. You can only set the taxCategoryID and the rates are defined in the tax category. 

    You can create new taxCategories to set different tax rates if necessary.
    Michael Carey

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    Lightspeed HQ
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