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Hello Community,

I am an active Lightspeed Retail user, and love it, but for now have elected to not use the ecom solution offered by Lightspeed.  I currently am having and issue with Woocommerce and Lightspeed speaking to each other nicely.  Here is a summary of my questions;

1.  Have you had any other clients use this scenario of woo commerce and light speed?

2.  Do you have experience with the woo commerce solution?

3.  When the 'sync schedule' is in place, it seems like it never happens?  I know that the woo api is pretty manageable.

4.  With regard to the api that light speed uses for this scenario, do you work with the plug in dev team at all?  I think they are here [email protected]

5.  I got this error message when i tried to update or sync 100 products from woo commerce;

This doesnt seem to be that large of a request.  i assume the error is coming from lightspeed?  100 items to update should take about 20 seconds at most.  i know that because when i drop the request to 50, it takes about 10-12 seconds.  do you guys limit this?

5.  I would love for all the sync schedules to work automatically eventually.  Is this something that we can look into together??



  • Hello @milosport ,

    We're glad to hear that you are enjoying the POS. There are customers using the WooCommerce plugin; since it was developed by WooCommerce we don't know what happens behind the curtain.

    If the plugin isn't firing the synchronization or by the example in your post is reaching the rate limits it is up to WooCommerce Dev team to modify their integration.

    We use a leaky-bucket algorithm to control rate limiting. a leaky-bucket algorithm to control rate limiting, WRITE requests cost 10 units, limiting WRITE request to 6 per minute. If you want to read more about rate limits please visit our Retail API documentation.

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    Octopus is another option to integrate Lightspeed POS with Woocommerce and now you can test it free of cost just visit https://www.omnichannelcommerce.biz/lightspeed-ecommerce-integration/ for more information.

    Thank You
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    Hi, I notice that the 2 way sync option on the Woocommerce plugin is listed as not available now.  I already have a full woocommerce store and wish to use Lightspeed, does anyone know of a way to sync with an existing woocommerce store?
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    I am having the exact same issue as you.

    You can blame me for the issue - version 1.5.5 was made because I complained that when importing products (we have thousands) all the variations were brought over at random and not ordered in any way (ie strengths: 60mg 0mg 120mg 30mg etc etc). It took two weeks of back and forth with people who apparently have never used WooCommerce trying to tell me that display order is determined by the theme and has nothing to do with WooCommerce before they agreed to fix it and while fixing it they broke something else and caused the API error.

    We were not having this issue with v1.5.3, it has only been an issue since upgrading to v1.5.5 to resolve our variations issue. I emailed their support team and their response was literally... and I quote... "we don't have the bandwidth to investigate and resolve every single issue you're experiencing".

    Not being able to import & sync products is a pretty huge issue for a plugin made solely to import & sync products.

    I am very unhappy with the support for this product so far.

    Nugsm RE your question:

    " I already have a full woocommerce store and wish to use Lightspeed, does anyone know of a way to sync with an existing woocommerce store?"

    If anyone else has an answer to this I would love to hear it!
  • nugsmnugsm Member Posts: 2
    Hi, am I correct in thinking then if 1.5.3 version was used two way sync would be an option again?
  • kosmoscentralkosmoscentral Member Posts: 2

    Hello, we have another option to sync WooCommerce with LightSpeed Retail that you can schedule every 5 minutes or by the hour without exceeding your LightSpeed API calls. Sign-up anytime for the 14 day free trial and you can easily connect within a few minutes.

    We are also launching Multi-Locations for LightSpeed and WooCommerce here shortly all coding is in place, just finalizing our testing before launch.

    You'll find a video on this page on how to connect and we have no limitations on products, sync a million items if you want. Contact us anytime if you have any further question.

    Thank you,

    Kosmos Team

  • JohnwilsonJohnwilson Member Posts: 7


    24Seven Commerce is a leading name in the sector of POS eCommerce integration, providing seamless Lightspeed POS integration with Woocommerce. 

    The integration enabled 2 ways auto data synchronization, that is, uploads Lightspeed inventory to Woocommerce and downloads web orders into the Lightspeed system.

    As well, you can signup our "Free Plan" for testing purpose until you don't decide to upgrade one of our paid plans.

    For more information on the integration kindly visit - https://www.24sevencommerce.com/lightspeed-pos-ecommerce-integration.html

    Thank You

    John Wilson

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