Requesting Access Token API failed 3 times

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We have build an web service to extract daily sale data from the retail application. This web service is working fine for the last couple of weeks. Since 3 weeks we have scheduled the web service to run at 22:45 CET. The web service failed 3 times, because it was not able to get the Access Token.

When I re-run the web service again the next morning, it runs fine without any issues.

The web service is not able to find the external host: 
The errors description in our web server is: oracle.fabric.common.FabricInvocationException:

Is this a known issue, or is this issue caused on our end?

Best regards Roel van Ree.

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    Hello Roel,

    We had no issues for last days with the API server. How often does your integration run? Are you obtaining a new token through the refresh token endpoint?
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