Is Anyone Here?

I have many issues with Lightspeed that I could use some help with, mostly regarding work-arounds for features that are missing in Lightspeed.

In return, I can offer some really good work-arounds that I've been able to come up with myself over the past 3+ years.

67 Wine


  • HeatherHeather Posts: 39Administrator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    Hi there, Paul!

    The beta pool is small but growing and the official launch is this summer. When we launch, we'll open the community to all Lightspeed customers and certified partners which will mean more discussions.

    I would recommend that you start a discussion in our Workflow category. We'll be inviting more OnSite users next week, and when we do, we'll be sure to direct them there first :)

    Thanks for offering to share the tips and tricks with other users that you've developed over the years. It's community members such as yourself whose participation we really appreciate on these forums.

    Lightspeed HQ
  • jcaprajcapra Posts: 4Member
    Dear Paul.

    I'm here.

  • polbogpolbog Posts: 3Member
    Hi WinePaul, i have a big issue with the sales reports not including items with no sales. It seems incredible that this is not included. When looking for slow selling items that worst performing stock is invisible! What do you do.
  • katiekatie Posts: 1Member
    Hi @polbog, I know it's inconvenient, but I would probably extract a list of all of your items, and a list of all of your sales, and then do an anti-join in an Excel Query to see the items that haven't sold. Hope this helps!
  • SFMassageSupplySFMassageSupply Posts: 5Member
    I'm here too!!
    def having loads of problems getting it all up & going right.
    Feel like my ear is glued to my phone with all the time I've spent w Support!
  • VictoryForBruceVictoryForBruce Posts: 9Member
    Starting to wonder if anyone is alive here as well. Trying to setup eCom atm. We've had the retail side up and running in 5 stores for almost two years. It's great.

    Running into issues with adding product to the eCom side that has previously been "matrixed". Anyone have any experience with this?
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