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Hi Adrian Samuel,

I had a question about the template in labels.  We have a local currency which is called Guilders normally marked as FLS.  Now here is the work around in the labels what I did.  I changed the MSRP to FLS.  But now the question here is that the item label prints FLS followed by a $ sign.  How do I get rid of this $ sign which is after the FLS.
Could you please advice.


  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator
    Hey @Raj!

    Glad for the question! This is very interesting, i've never heard of that currency; where are you based?


    You'll want to add the label template to your account if you don't have it already:

    This can be found here:

    In Lightspeed Retail, navigate to:
    Settings >
     Advanced Setup >
    Print Templates > 
    - Click +New ItemLabel >
    - Copy and paste template into the field that appears called "ItemLabel".

    On line 264 of the code you'll see this:
    <p class="msrp">MSRP {{ Label.MetaData.msrp|money }}</p>

    To remove the "$" and maintain the two decimal points you'll need to remove the "money" filter and add another filter. The change will look like this:

    <p class="msrp">MSRP {{ Label.MetaData.msrp|number_format(2) }}</p>

    Hope this helps!


    Adrian Samuel

    Software Developer

    Lightspeed HQ

  • RajRaj Member Posts: 3
    Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for your help.  Yes the change helped.
    We are based out in the island of St.Maarten which is in the Caribbean. St.Maarten, Curacao and Aruba use this currency of Guilders denoted at FLS.
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