Slow connection loyalty API

We’ve launched our new loyalty scheme which is hosted on our server  

The issue we’re experiencing is the time it takes to connect to it when accessed from within a sale and also when redeeming a voucher and returning to the sale.  Both ways are incredibly slow.  It’s much faster when we access it directly, i.e. not from within a sale. I’ve raised this with my developer and he said that LS has a rate limit.  We didn’t experience these issues with Thirdshelf, is there anything you can suggest we do to improve it?


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    I believe that Lightspeed's API limits are a sliding scale. In that during certain heavier-used hours of the day the limits are stricter, as opposed to other times of the day when usage is typically lower. You can check out for specifics.

    Our experiences tend to be that pulling data allows one query a second. And if a result "page" allows 100 records, the throughput is decent enough. What differs between Lightspeed and many other web service API providers is that there's a weight applied to pushing data. By a factor of ten. So pushing something into Lightspeed would allow one operation every 10 seconds if pulling something is limited to one operation each second.

    When I compare this to something like Shopify, which limits the rate to 4 records/second for either GET or POST/PUT calls, this has introduced Lightspeed scalability issues in a big way. At least trying to enhance things via the API.
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    Thanks Gregarican. 

    Please can someone from Lightspeed respond with some advice as to how I can improve this issue as it's causing as real issues at the point of purchase.
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