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We have about about 1600 items to import from bestseller via the API. Currently after three products the API gives a time-out. This means that this takes a couple of weeks before the products are imported, this takes too long. How can we speed this up.

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  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator
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    Hey @Gerben! To import 1600 items should only require 4.44 hours to complete  Let me explain.

    Lightspeed uses a leaky bucket algorithm to handle rate limiting (read more here:

    It takes 10 points to do a POST request to create an item.

    The drip rate is 1 point per second.

    That means every 10 seconds you can create a product.

    This means you can create:

    - 6 Products per minute (6 x 10 seconds)
    - 360 Products per hour 
    (6 x 10 x 60)
    - 1600 Products in 4.44 hours:

    1600 (products) x 10 (seconds) = 16,000 seconds 
    16,000 (seconds) / 60 = 266.67(2 dp) minutes 
    266.7 (minutes) /60 = 4.44 (hours)

    If your request timed out after creating only 3 products it’s likely you’re also updating them with a PUT which costs an additional 10 points, but to know for certain we’d need an example HTTP response from a “time-out” to determine exactly what is happening in your situation 

    Without displaying your clientID, your clientSecret or your accountID please post this below

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