Setting limit on price filters

michaelsteelemichaelsteele Posts: 42Member
Our site has two products that drastically skew the range on min/max price filters. This creates a smaller than usual range on the slider that 99% of the products fit into.

Is it possible to set a limit on the max filter so that customers have better control of the price range?



  • JoeyJoey Posts: 177Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    Hi Michael,

    There is no build in setting to change this value, but you could have a look at the filter function in the pages/collection.rain file (depending on the theme).

    Near the bottom you could add {% set maxValue = 50 %} (change the value to your preferred max value) and then max: {{ maxValue }} in the filter function.

    This is just a quick suggestion, you might have to make more modifications to make it work perfectly.

    Hope this points you in the right direction.

    eCom Support Team
    Lightspeed HQ
  • michaelsteelemichaelsteele Posts: 42Member
    That worked perfectly. Thanks!
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