Receiving data via API

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Hey forum,
I am looking for any creative ways other may have found a way to get this to work. 
I have a need to read the list of every item received for a client. I am currently using the Orderline endpoint filtered by timeStamp, and iterating through the result set. I am using the checkedIn value , and then using that to get extended cost and retail values.

The issue is that the orderline checked in value and timestamp are not recorded each time the data is changed. This can lead to some duplicate data in my approach. 

Does anyone have some suggestions or a working model that they use to get accurate , item based receiving that can come close to the receiving reports in Lightspeed?

As a side note, I know that the Inventory Log is not accessible via the API , but I know that would help. I have suggested it to the Lightspeed API team already. 

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