3rd party loyalty point bank

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Good afternoon - trying to recreate a process flow we currently have working in Microsoft POS 2009. Checkout is initiated by shopper handing us a 3rd party loyalty card (no customers are in the system prior to them checking out; and, this loyalty card is used solely by the individual establishment and not a universally used loyalty program). Right now, the customer ID field has an action behind it which is kicked off by swiping the loyalty card. Our custom code sends the encrypted mag stripe data to the 3rd party loyalty card provider's webservice. The user ID, default ship-to address and 'loyalty dollar' balance is pulled back onto the POS order we are entering. Cashier enters items, enters how many loyalty dollars (all, partial or none) will be used as well as cash\credit card, if needed. The 'finish checkout' button then pulls the loyalty dollars to be used on that transaction and posts the debit to the webservice (as well as finalizing the transaction in POS). Any possibility lightspeed could pull something similar off without having to go outside lightspeed in a different browser tab for querying the balance and debiting the loyalty dollars.
P.S. Misha has my contact info if you can reach out to me directly via Slack, email or carrier pigeon...
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