Lightspeed Automatically Receiving Items

So our small business is going through the growing pains of switching over to Lightspeed, and we're having a rather strange issue that when we're receiving an order, it will occasionally accept/receive items as soon as we scan them in. It's not doing this to all items, but we've got no reason why it's doing it at all. As far as we can tell nothing different is being done when scanning the items- has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on what is happening?


  • JLC1990JLC1990 Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 moderator
    Hi @NortheastSales

    Thanks for checking in. It is difficult to say for sure what might be happening on your end without having more details. Having said that, Lightspeed does have an Auto Check In feature that might be causing you to see this. 

    Whenever you have a purchase order set to Ordered or Check in, Lightspeed may check in the items for you. This would only happen if you were to sell an item with no quantity on hand that happens to be on one of those orders. Essentially, the system is assuming that you received this item and sold it, before checking it in from the Purchase Order. This is the only way that the system would automatically check those items in, and you would only see it when you switched the status to Check in. 

    If this is not what happened, or if you would like further detail, I would recommend speaking to support as they can look into examples with you to further understand what happened. 

    You can contact Retail support at 866-932-1801 ("Support is Option 2" then "Retail is option 1")

    Hope it helps and you have a great day!

    Jordan L-C
    Lightspeed Retail Support
    Lightspeed HQ
  • PFGPFG Member Posts: 1
    As J L-C says, this is what happens; i would appreciate if the system asked first, rather than assuming that one item from the PO has arrived, and showing that item as added to inventory. It means the inventory still isn't correct. Annoying.

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