Application losing authorization and scope

RobrechtRobrecht Member Posts: 2

We have an application that loses it's authorization after a random interval. This causes the synchronization to fail because we can no longer make a connection. Only after re-authorizing the application with a user account everything can continue.

What could be the reason for this? The user changing his/her password?

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  • Hello @Robrecht,

    Access Tokens expire after 1800 seconds, this would explain the 401 you received, you will need to obtain a new Access Token using the refresh token.
  • RobrechtRobrecht Member Posts: 2
    Hello Alex,

    That's the funky part. It runs fine for a couple of weeks with the refresh token but then suddenly deceids ... not to refresh?

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    Robrecht Exelmans
  • almostEricalmostEric Member Posts: 15
    edited May 11

    Hi, We are having this same issue. We have 3 customers using the API. 2 work fine, but one runs for a week or so, and then the refresh token stops working - we try to refresh the token 15 minutes before it expires. Then we have to reauthorize with username/password

  • guyrbissonguyrbisson Member Posts: 10

    We've been using the refresh token endpoint without issue for a couple of years. On May 10, the refresh token endpoint started returning access tokens that are being rejected as 401|Unauthorized.

    We haven't been able to connect since.

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