Locations need to be seen in Transfer

Since we have a backoffice with a huge stockroom (a real hangar), we weekly provide the shops of the goods they have sold following the automatic reordering module. We already have found a solution to give every product we have in backhand a specific brand, in order to make transfers from the backoffice to any shop more convenient.

Now, we're dealing with the issue that you cannot see the locations of the products, in the transfer listing itself. We've put our locations (such as 22A, 69F,...) in the Custom SKU. When printing the order we can see the custom SKU (it's tailor made) and organize the locations alphabetically the way we want, but it's not yet possible to see it in the transfer window itself. Which gives us a lot of extra work (and more possibility for making mistakes) to export the files to Excel, organize it alphabetically and then put in the sent items in Excell and afterwards in LS, because in the transfer listing they need to be organized following 'item'. Very confusing, right? 

This makes clear that Lightspeed is not ready to deal with bigger businesses who have stock and backoffices. Doing a weekly picking for 6 big shops with LS is very complicated and not yet recommended. Only 1 small adjustment can provide a huge help for the picking in backoffice. The Custom SKU is something bigger businesses need to see in order to have a smooth picking system. 


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    Hi @AiméeM, welcome to the Lightspeed Community! As you might know, Lightspeed Software is being used by 40.000 merchants worldwide. As a provider of Software as a Service, we have to keep our software scalable. Therefore a fixed set of functionalities is chosen and applied in the software that can be used by the majority of the Retailers.
    The Support team is very happy to have given you support in updating your print templates and finding a workaround for your order picking process. We hope the partner that we've connected you to, can implement your request so that this page will meet your wishes as well.
    I've added your request to our list of feature requests. As you can understand, our customers can have very different wishes and requests related to their business. Our developmentteam will quarterly review these requests before committing to include one of the features in the software.
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    Not to jump in here (well, I guess I am... :smiley:) but I don't see how including some sort of SKU identification wouldn't be applicable to any size operation when it comes to transfers. Same with vendor returns.

    If back office staff is handling transfers or if a vendor is processing a return it helps to see what the items really are. A short description really isn't business-applicable.

    Of course custom print templates are a great workaround. We've implemented a good half-dozen of them after going live in June. But out of the box most retail software solutions provide basic item identification.
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