Creating webhooks not working anymore since 1 day!

KdeKokKdeKok Member Posts: 9
Since yesterday your API is responding with an error message when trying to add webhooks.
I am not allowed to add webhooks for the itemgroup 'invoices' anymore. Itemgroup 'orders' however does work. 

The error message is :

{"error": {"code": 403,"method": "CREATE","request": "/nl/webhooks.json","message": "The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it."}}

{"Webhook": {"IsActive": true,"ItemGroup": "invoices","ItemAction": "created","Format": "json","Address": "https://myhost/someapi/invoice"}}

Please fix asap, we cannot handle new seoshop app connections right now!


  • JaivyDaamJaivyDaam Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 Lightspeed
    Hi @KdeKok
    Thank, we have received your ticket about this and when put under my attention, resolved quickly. It should be possible to create these webhooks again.

    If not, please let me know through the ticket I just sent you. Thanks!
  • KdeKokKdeKok Member Posts: 9
    This has been resolved. Thanks
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