Turning many functionally identical Items into one Item. (helpful for Analytics and searching)

I work in a bike shop where we order tubes from a variety of different vendors, in bulk and as individual items from many different brands etc.  Functionally, I don't care about the specifics like vendor, brand, small size differences or descriptions but I need to know when these items run out and how many I need to keep in stock.

I found a way to fold many different items, say a 26"X1.9-2.1 versus 26"X1.95-2.1 tubes into a single generic item.

Merging the items doesn't tend to work because it messes up the vendor ID every time you try to reorder.


Every item that you'd like to point to a single, easily searchable Item, needs to be turned into a box containing that final item.

If you have bulk boxes, make sure that they too break down into that item.

To make it especially easy to search, remove the category field from every other item blank and make sure that your final item sits in the correct category. 

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