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I have questions about integrating Lightspeed and WooCommerce. Here is a link to WooCommerce documentation about this process and as I'm reading it looks like this process isn't best if you already have a large WooCommerce site (we have over 3,000 items). It states a 2-way sync isn't available.

We have been working for over 3 years on a POS that does not communicate with out site - hence the switch to Lightspeed. I'm in the process of formatting all of our products from our POS and I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly as most if our items are duplicates of our WooCommerce products. Most of which have differences in how they were named and organized in these 2 locations.

I don't want to simple import everything I put into Lightspeed. We have more product details in WooCommerce for most items (descriptions and photos) that we don't want to redo. I see we can "send products from WooCommerce to Lightspeed". I'm wondering if I should do this for the bulk of my items or at least with my matrix/variable products that get tricky to layout in a spreadsheet. Wondering if exporting my WooCommerce products to get them in my Lightspeed import with be helpful. 

Wondering if there is someone well versed in both Lightspeed and WooCommerce to help me move forward. I hate to put dozens of hours into this to find out I needed to do something different to communicate properly with our site. A phone call is always welcome. 231.218.5317 Thanks


  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 654 moderator
    Hey @lizneddo thanks for reaching out to us!
    There are a number of integrations that exist that might be better suited to your needs.

    Here are the links to two of our integration partners who you might benefit from contacting

    They also have the capacity to amend the integration to suit your specific needs.

    We would advise you go through these partners unless you have a dedicated development team that are able to create and maintain such an integration

    Adrian Samuel

    Software Developer

    Lightspeed HQ

  • LiquidLukeLiquidLuke Member Posts: 26
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    Unfortunately LIghtspeed Retail holds much fewer data fields then the ECom counterpart which proves to be very labour intensive when having to deal with them both not to mention leaving lots of room for confusion as to which part is incharge of which field and how changes to one might affect the other. How ever the 3rd party options above are probably very well made, I don't know as we use Ecom but having some experience with integrations between Woo and other systems I have found that its best to (Unfortunately) keep a spread sheet as a master Data file. Then, what I've done is, Using Google Sheets, set up 2 seperate sheets one for each system which are essentially just queries to the master data which can be used to import the specific data fields to either system respectively. so in 1 Spreadsheet have 3 Sheets , Master, Woo, Lightspeed, ( also you can have a google form to submit new product data to a 4th if you have issues with people using tech ).
    Thankfully both platforms have a good importing system where you can send a .csv file when adding product then anything furth can usually be handled by most regular addons or what have you. I know its a pain, I have used the Notes field as the description and mapped the obvious tags and categories. then you can align matrices with variants from woo commerce. Lightspeed does support custom fields as well incase you must have some info there.
    Light speed does Kick ass with regards to support and their API does provide as many endpoints as WooCommerce so there is room to work on a custom integration that works best for your own needs. I do have a couple Woocommerce scripts for Google Sheets if you want to have a look find me on Github at Marshallsbest 
    **** Im no professional developer and the scripts there are all works in progress but they can easily be used to start you off.****
    Good Luck and while my comments may seem a bit negative I honestly have nothing but good things to say over all about Lightspeed as a POS, Inventory management system, Ecommerce platform. The customer service has been great as well as their continuous improvement mentality, and open dev options!
    Good Luck  
    Much thanks for everyone's help!
  • robertoroberto Member Posts: 2
    Hello Lizneddo,

    There are many integration available but i will suggest you one of the best company "Omnichannel Commerce" for Lightspeed Woocommerce integration. 

    The integration enables bi-directional synchronization, that is, uploads Lightspeed item information on Woocommerce and downloads Woocommerce order details and customer data into Lightspeed POS system automatically.

    As well, you can signup"Free Plan" and upgrade when you grow.

    Follow the link for more information:

    Thank You
  • kosmoscentralkosmoscentral Member Posts: 2

    Hi Liz, we also have a 2-say (two way) sync between LightSpeed and WooCommerce with a 14-Day free trial. There are no restrictions on data, products or orders and sync as many items & orders as you wish.

    We have more information and a video listed above showing how you can connect within a few minutes using our free trial anytime. Contact us directly at the link above if you have any further questions.

    Kosmos Team

  • JohnwilsonJohnwilson Member Posts: 7


    24Seven Commerce is a leading name in the sector of POS eCommerce integration, providing seamless Lightspeed POS integration with Woocommerce. 

    The integration enabled 2 ways auto data synchronization, that is, uploads Lightspeed inventory to Woocommerce and downloads web orders into the Lightspeed system.

    As well, you can signup our "Free Plan" for testing purpose until you don't decide to upgrade one of our paid plans.

    For more information on the integration kindly visit -

    Thank You

    John Wilson

  • BM_FWJBM_FWJ Member Posts: 2

    Hi all,

    does any of the above mentioned solutions also integrates the online orders into Lightspeed? I do not only mean that the stock of the products that are ordered online are updated and adjusted in Lightspeed but also the order itself being reflected in the Lightspeed Sales list.

    thanks in advance!


  • omnisolutionsomnisolutions Member Posts: 11

    Hello Bart,

    Yes, you can do it with Octopus Bridge.

    Also, No Setup Fee required. Avail 21-Day Free Trial. Start with $59/month thereafter. No yearly commitments. Stop using it if not satisfied.

    For more detail visit:

  • luke_eastmanluke_eastman Member Posts: 3

    Hey @lizneddo — This is a great question! Our plugin is able to export products from WooCommerce to Lightspeed one at a time. It is difficult to effectively automate a bulk export of products from WooCommerce because Lightspeed restricts new product creation through their API to approximately 1 every 10 seconds. However, our plugin allows you to do a bulk export from Lightspeed to WooCommerce.

    Our solution is focused exclusively on integrating WooCommerce and Lightspeed. It is best for stores starting with a large number of products in Lightspeed or a relatively small number of products in WooCommerce.

    We offer a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can see the integration in action.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

    Luke Eastman

    Owner and Developer at Wittiwise

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