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  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭

    Hi @Joey

    Its really great to have omni gift cards as a live service allowing customers to buy and redeem them anywhere.

    There are 2 very big issues that are road blocks for us personally.

    1. - How does a customer find them if you don't wan to add them to the main nave bar of your site?

    You cant search for them or add them to the footer?

    2 - Custom images - We already have our own gift card designs, and aren’t sure why LS could not offer this when it went live as some image upload fields are pretty simple.

    All the best Abbas

  • dsteinbeckdsteinbeck Member Posts: 25 ✭

    Are Omnichannel gift cards available now? I heard that the capability was in Beta, but don't recall hearing that they are in production yet.

  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭


    Yes, they are working but only as a beta.

    I have tested the ecom side and can report it is working.

    The payment shows up as a child to any other alternate payment methods used if you go slightly over the value of the gift card issued.

    The only other unusual thing is if you don't complete the payment 1st time around in the pay now page the amount due did not appear to take into account the gift card value.

    LS recommend to use the One Page checkout so if you are on the beta then disable the other 2 types.

    Will do another test shortly to see if the barcode scans ok in retail.


  • ShopnomadShopnomad Member Posts: 1

    Here we are on Jan 3rd and I've had multiple people come in with cards that were issued over the holidays and I have no way to ring them out using their cards because the system doesn't recognize them and I can't search for them using their number.

    Time to switch POS software. This was an amateur move, Lightspeed.

  • ummmimrobummmimrob Member Posts: 13 ✭
    edited January 3

    @Shopnomad I am also disappointed in the rollout for omni channel gift certificates but I have had no problem redeeming them in store through lightspeed retail. I can also look up the whole number in retail by going to Customers>Gift Certificates

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