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Hello All,
  I am having some trouble finding the internet speed recommendations for connecting to remote stores.
We have 7 store locations and all use different internet connection methods.  Master store is using internet through cable, 3 locations on DSL, 2 locations on satellite, and 1 location on Verizon Hotspot.
I have noticed connecting to the locations that are using satellite and Verizon are much slower to access the storemaster to perform backend tasks.  Completing a simple Purchase Order can take up to 20 minutes.

I can upgrade our internet connection speeds that are using satellite, however I would like to know about what Mbps that I should be looking at.  Has anybody else had or have slow connection speeds with multi-locations?


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  • BiancaBBiancaB Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 2 Lightspeed
    Hi Paul,

    We do not have a recommended Mbps Internet Speed. Of course, the faster the internet connection, the better.

    Some things to take into consideration:
    • Hardwired Connection as opposed to Wifi Only
    • Number of users Logged into Lightspeed at the same time can cause slower performance depending on what each user is doing at the same time
    • How many applications/programs are running in the Background
    • Rebooting all Computers at least 2 times a week can better a Computer's performance
    • Clearing the Lightspeed Caches
    I have provided you with a link to our UserGuide where you may find Network and System Requirements should this help you furthermore.

    I invite you to visit our Support Page where you may find various UserGuide articles on different features and requirements of Onsite POS Software. 

    From the same page, you may submit a web ticket for any assistance or inquiries you may have by clicking on "submit a request". 

    As mentioned above, here is the link to our UserGuide on Network and System Requirements: 

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Bianca Bureau 
    Onsite Support Specialist
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