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Is there a way to stop the symbol barcode scanner from disconnecting and reconnecting to the ipad every 2 seconds? This is very frustrating when ringing out a customer


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    We haven't had that experience with our CS4070 model. What we have run into is where if the iPad and the various equipment (i.e. - scanner, slip receipt printer, and c/c terminal) are inactive for a period of time they seem to lose interconnectivity. Usually we remind our sales staff to periodically power cycle the components and they will connect again.

    If you are running into the two reconnecting every couple of seconds it sounds like something is more faulty than the norm!
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    1. The CS4070 scanner is definitely supposed to go to sleep to save battery life however you should be able to wake it quickly by pressing the Bluetooth key once (don't press it for more than 2 seconds, however)

    2. Otherwise, it's possible that the iPad is auto-locking too quickly which is causing Bluetooth devices to disconnect. To disable the auto-lock you can go to your iPad settings and then:

    1. Launch Settings from the Home screen.
    2. Tap on Display & Brightness.
    3. Tap on Auto Lock.
    4. Tap on the timing you prefer:

    • 30 Seconds
    • 1 Minute
    • 2 Minutes
    • 3 Minutes
    • 4 Minutes
    • 5 Minutes
    • Never

    3. Finally, it is also possible to reprogram the scanner if you check the CS4070 Product Reference Guide. To do so you have to plug a micro-USB into the scanner and connect it to your computer. Use a text editor such as Notepad to set configuration values in the Config.ini editable text file in the \Parameters folder on the CS4070. Look for BTSleep  in the file and modify the value in seconds.

    Page 29/330 of the product guide lists all the other things you can modify as well:
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