Invalid Client ID

arvindeveloperarvindeveloper Member Posts: 10
I'am receiving a invalid response {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"The client id supplied is invalid"} using the provided client id on my oauth registration. I'am using the supplied source code from the lightspeed retail api documentation Is there someone know what I'm doing wrong?


  • Hello Arvin,

    Please give it another try, and let me know if the issue persists.
  • pochupochu Member Posts: 2
    Having the same problem - my client ids are

    Eminent Technology Client - ffc911a58d9ca9d1752b375ef46a40458253a6a76677d8182d82c18a723a7ae6

    Receive By Storemerce - 

    All help is appreciated.

  • arvindeveloperarvindeveloper Member Posts: 10
    @pochu I didn't do anything and after few hours it worked. I contacted tech support via email. Not sure though if they changed something on their end.
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