Can I integrate Lightspeed with Zapier or other non-partner apps?

Hey everyone, I am trying to integrate lightspeed POS with a tool called Zapier. It is NOT a parnter app with lightspeed. 

We are doing marketing automation to get the contacts from our POS to automatically update another tool that sends automated text & automated voicemails to our customers. It does a lot more than that.

I do have Kangaroo, however, it is more limited than the tool I want to use that is not a partner app.

Does anyone know how to integrate lightspeed POS to an app that is not partnered with lightspeed?

I'm sure it will require some coding to do, which is no problem.

Anyone with experience with this, please share!!

Thank you!


  • RohitRohit Member Posts: 2
    If you want to integrate Lightspeed with eCommerce shopping carts or online marketplaces then "Omnichannel Commerce" help you.

    Thank You
  • iTMGiTMG Member Posts: 4
    edited February 7
    We have integrated lightspeed with few non-partner apps.
    Complexity, of course, depends on scope but biggest problem for us were LSs weird solutions (non negative inventory, inability to move items across shops via API...)
  • maurisourcemaurisource Partner Posts: 26 partner

    Hi Mark, can you share the service name/link that you're trying to integrate Lightspeed with?

  • SDStevenSDSteven Member Posts: 3

    We are moving our Wordpress store to Shopify and Lightspeed integrates, however, we need a local delivery add on like Zapiet. Unfortunately, Lightspeed Retail doesn't have any local delivery apps (oddly, Lightspeed Restaurant is loaded with delivery apps but I am guessing? they don't work with the Retail software. Either way, does anyone have a work around or solution for local delivery for Lightspeed Retail + Shopify?

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