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We've been having a lot of issues lately in multiple stores where after scanning a barcode, a random number will pop up in the item search bar. We are using iPads and Socket Mobile scanners. If the sales associate is not paying attention and scans the next barcode, it will multiply the first item scanned by whatever number randomly popped up and not scan the second barcode.

We've tried resetting the scanners and it continues to happen, though not on a regular basis. Anyone have any idea what is causing this or how to fix it? I've had to do so many refunds if the cashier doesn't catch it at the time...



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    Hey @DaniBPitaya ,

    Most likely the scanner is adding a suffix or is reading the check digit that is not printed under the barcode. Since you are saying that is a random number and you already reset the scanner, I will guess that the scanner is reading the check digit (is a calculated number to confirm the integrity of the barcode). If you are scanning the labels printed from Lightspeed, this extra digit is not a problem, but if you are reading original UPC from the products added on the item's details, the check digit must be there to work properly.

    If you can give more details about the labels, like the barcode image or the number printed below the barcode will be helpful to check what is going on.

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    I'll see if I can get someone to take a photo of the barcode the next time it happens, but we are printing barcodes from Lightspeed and do not scan original UPC's for anything, nor are there any other barcodes near the one that we scan.



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    Okay, here are the tags because it just happened today. The manager scanned the tag that says Shirred Drawstring Long Sleeve Crop / Black. It added that top to the sale and then put a "5" in the item search field in the transaction, so when he scanned the tag that said Lace Trim Square Neck Tank / White it added 5 of the Shirred Drawstring Long Sleeve Crop / Black and none of the Lace Trim Square Neck Tank / White.

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