Mismatch between prices (Catalog Endpoint)

JVankatJVankat Member Posts: 1


we're using the Catalog API to index products for our search (using the default variant and priceIncl property). Nevertheless there's a price mismatch for discounted products (at least for one of our customers). Do we need to use a different API Endpoint or look at a different property?

Here's the product https://www.blauerboardshop.com/burton-ruler-leather-snowboard-boots-2019.html and here the API response for the default variant https://snipboard.io/cDImVC.jpg


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  • TimothyTimothy Member Posts: 12

    Are you still having this problem?

    The catalog resource in combination with discounted prices is working fine for me. Both the "oldPriceIncl" and the "priceIncl" have the correct values.

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