Does anyone else have problems with the edges of their sales receipt being cut off when printed?

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The edges of my sales receipts are being cut off when I print the receipt from lightspeed for retail. I'm using a firefox browser and have not been able to adjust the preferences so that lightspeed will print the complete receipt. I've tried getting support from the help desk and they have told me lightspeed doesn't support my printer. Has anyone found a way to change the setting so the receipt will print properly?

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    These settings are already in place.



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    I had the same issue because we were using Chrome. I had to contact support to get the ability to edit receipts enabled per this article in help. They also made this change for me:

    {% set chrome_right_margin_fix = true %}          {# Fixes a potential issue where the right side of receipts are cut off in Chrome #}

    {% set firefox_margin_fix = true %}               {# Fixes issue with margins cutting off when printing on a letter printer on a Mac #}

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    Does anyone have an issue with their RO's being cut off across the top and the right side of the page? If so, is there a way to resolve this??

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