Tracking Inventory Using ItemShop (API)

I'm currently using the FiveTran integration with LightSpeed to create tables for reporting and analytics. At this point I'm trying to utilize the ItemShop fields (called item_shop_history via FiveTran) to create a daily Inventory Snapshot for ongoing reporting.

In building out the Snapshot table, I've noticed that the timeStamp associated with these records is not updated daily (or as items are sold). It appears that it may be updated with manual Inventory counts, however that is unclear at this point.

Am I misinterpreting the purpose of ItemShop - does it not contain the current quantity on hand for each item per shop, plus the aggregate (shop 0)?

I've reviewed this similar thread, but not sure if the issue described here aligns with my issue:

Thanks in advance!



  • sam123456sam123456 Member Posts: 54

    I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that timestamp is just the last time the value was updated. It can be useful for making efficient API calls (you don't have to get every item), but you'd have to account for that in your own system.

    If you want all OH values for a given day, you'd need to get every single one daily, disregard that date field.

  • AnnJacksonAnnJackson Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for the reply Sam - appreciate it. Sounds like I may be able to do some trickery by modifying daily snapshot tables to be taken inbetween truncation performed by FiveTran. 🤞

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