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1) How long after submitting a "Partner" Request, should we hear back from someone?

2) I see many third party app companies using the Lightspeed Logo to promote the fact that they integrate with Lightspeed, assuming this is okay? Is there some formal request/approval needed?

3) Are there limitations as to what Lightspeed allows third party integrations to do using the API? Or is the limitation simply implied if a "customer" agree's to connect an app to Lightspeed through the API/OAuth?

Thank you very much for you time and swift response 🤘


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    Based on your other thread that goes back over 5 months ago now, it seems like a long-tailed process. While I'm not a true third party partner, one of our companies uses Lightspeed Retail and I was able to obtain API access to the entity relatively quickly after I submitted my request back a couple years ago.

    We use Shopify for our e-com and are looking at Shopify POS for one of our other companies. Their partner access is literally a couple of mouse clicks. Much easier, much better documented and versioned API, and less gotchas -->

  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 102 moderator

    Hi @brentg

    1) Our Partnerships team receives a high volume of applications on a regular basis so they reach out to those who fit our current partner landscape. 

    2) Only official Lightspeed partners are allowed to use the Lightspeed logo and name. Official integrations go through a validation process to ensure compatibility and functionality.

    3) Yes, there are limitations. All limitations can be found within our API documentation here.

    I hope this helps.



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