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I am trying to customize the blog pages on my Ecom shop. There is a reference to a template "pages/blog.rain" but this rain file does not seem to be accessible from the template editor. Does anyone know how to get to these templates? There should be a template that produces the "blog overview" and a "blog detail" page.

Thanks. Pieter

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    Hi Pieter,

    You can't edit the blog.rain and article.rain templates, but you can edit or customise the css.

    If you're looking for more customisation you can create a new snippet with all your custom blog code, in my example below I named those custom files "customblog.rain" and "customarticle.rain". In fixed.rain you have to stop the code from loading the body for the blog and article templates and load these two custom pages instead.

    In the fixed.rain find:

    {% include template %}

    Replace with

    {% if template == 'pages/blog.rain' %}  
       {% include 'snippets/customblog.rain' %}
    {% elseif template == 'pages/article.rain' %}
       {% include 'snippets/customarticle.rain' %} 
    {% else %}
       {% include template %}
    {% endif %}

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