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I'm looking for a developer who can make me a custom report in Lightspeed. My business frequently uses product images for a lot of our purchasing, and we need to build an image-based report that allows me to see all the products in my inventory. For example, I would like to be able to develop a report that shows me 1. all the products in stock and 2. all the products that have been sold BY BRAND. Is something like this possible?

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    I was about suggest reaching out to Hyperspace, a third party Lightspeed Retail partner --> https://www.hyperspacehq.com/. We contracted them a few years ago to create some custom reports pulling from Lightspeed Retail. But checking their website just now I don't see them even listing Lightspeed anymore under their partnered solutions. That's disconcerting, especially since Hyperspace has added a lot of notches to their portfolio.

    Honestly, I wound up creating these custom reports on my own. Using the Lightspeed Retail API. These aren't real-time reports, however. I pull Lightspeed Retail data daily and pipe it all into a local SQL Server DB data set. Then the users can pull Crystal Reports I created to select data based on defined reporting criteria.

    I would look for a reply from a Lightspeed employee on here as to partners they could recommend. If they don't have Hyperspace on-board anymore then perhaps there are others they can point you to!

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    I'm a little confused as to what you mean by 'image based report', do you want something like a PDF with photos of in-stock products and their quantities below them?

    for the second part of your question, are you asking for the same format, but now having the images and associated data grouped by brand?

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    Hi @tasija I would suggest reaching out to the team at XY Web Solutions, they have the expertise to build the kind of custom reports you want.


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