Bulk pricing changes to cost and MSRP

Why can I only make bulk changes to the normal price? I mean why can't I use the same screen to increase the cost, MSRP and normal price? I know everyone's going to say you can export and import it but since they have the technology to change the normal price within the software why cant it do the cost as well.

Like say a vendor increases every item by $2, I want to increase every items cost by $2 and then increase the margin by a fixed amount or percentage. Even if I have to do them separately it's easier than importing. Because I can only import 1000 items at a time which means I have to do like 3 or 4 imports? And i consider myself lucky that my industry doesn't have fluctuations in the default costs so much, I can't imagine the nightmare for people who's costs change often. Unless theres a better way that I'm unaware of?


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 921 

    Agreed. In our business we have vendors who stock product on consignment. Not onesy-twosy either. So when we have vendor-mandated price updates that come out, they also affect unit cost for anything on-hand. Unfortunately Lightspeed Retail cannot handle this via the web client.

    If a vendor rolls out quarterly updates for a few thousand on-hand SKU's that means we'd have to manually update each item one a time or develop a solution via the API. That's one reason why our primary company couldn't migrate over to Lightspeed Retail. Our smaller subsidiary company uses it, since they don't deal in consignment to nearly that degree!

  • Ross KochRoss Koch Member Posts: 4

    It a pain, but thanks for confirming that it cannot be done, I thought I had tried everything. Just couldn't believe it was true.

  • b_zb_z Member Posts: 4

    I did a 3,000 item price update using the import tool. I was able to adjust my cost and msrp and then use excel formulas to calculate the default price and other price levels. It says it can handle up to 10,000 lines at a time.

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