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Howdy, Lightspeed Team and Fellow Users!

I was referred to this forum as a vehicle to pass on feedback to Lightspeed regarding the tablet POS application, so here goes.

I recently moved our bike shop's main point of sale over from a desktop system to a tablet-based POS. My goal was to streamline the interface for our customers and employees along with saving valuable square footage in our small retail space by downsizing the cashwrap. While the tablet certainly takes up less space, there are several key functions that appear to be missing from the main sales screen on the tablet app. Here are the main problems I'm having:

1) Bar codes on POS-generated receipts/tickets do not scan as they should. For example, the barcode on a work order ticket does not bring the relevant work order into the sale screen as it does in the desktop version. Same goes for quotes, special orders, etc.

2) Labor lines cannot be added to a sale, only physical products.

3) Returns cannot be processed.

4) Customer emails are not added/updated when input at the time of receipt emailing and customer details cannot be edited from the sales page.

I know that all of these features are accessible from the sales screen under the Manager tab that mirrors the desktop version but these would seem to be very common functions that could be integrated into the tablet app. Hopefully these features can be added to a future update so the tablet POS app can come closer to its potential.



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  • roberto_panseraroberto_pansera Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 49 moderator

    Hey @RyanKing ,

    Thanks for your suggestions and observations. I've forwarded them internally. Meanwhile, I hope these ones can help you:

    About the work order, for now, the service module is available just in the Retail Manager portion, so because of that, we can't call a WO receipt on the sale screen of the POS mode.

    Sales receipts can be scanned, but you need to click on sales at the bottom. From that screen, you will be able to process refunds:

    Considering that labor lines are like charges, you can add a misc. charge, clicking on the "+" button and changing the tax class from "item" to "labor"



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