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Hi There,

I would like to do a searches on products and variants for instance:

Get variant where barcode = '0123456789'


Get product where title = 'Some product'

But I can't discover any search endpoints on the eCom api.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


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  • HamptonHampton Member Posts: 72 ✭

    Having the same issue, The search function is not intuitive. The issue I’m having is searching for a product name and size, so that I can see all the colours available in a product and size a customer wants

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    Hello @Coennieand @Hampton ,

    You could make a get request to the resources endpoint to get all the available filter per endpoint


  • HamptonHampton Member Posts: 72 ✭

    Thanks Alex, how would I make this request? Alex

  • HamptonHampton Member Posts: 72 ✭

    @Alex Lugo Thanks Alex, how would I make this request?

  • coenniecoennie Member Posts: 6

    @Alex Lugo thanks for your answer, but the resources json returns the same filter values as the documentation.

    I would like to search the products for values, but I can't find that in the resources. Do I look over it?

    Regards Coen

  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 132 

    I am looking for the same thing, and I am guessing it doesn't exist? In the Retail API you can pass fields to Query the returned values ( but it seems that the eCom API supports only supports the limited parameters returned in the resources.json .

    I am trying to get all products without an old price, something I would expect to be able to get with something like variants.json?oldPriceExcl=>0 but the API just ignores it. Same with things like varients/count.json?oldPriceExcl=>0

    So it looks like I have to burn the requests to get everything, and then do my filtering in my code?

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